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How does Hedge Premium compare to the free Hedge?

Hedge's free version offers all Hedge Premium's safety and security mechanisms, whereas Hedge Premium focuses on speed and features needed when working in professional environments.

Hedge Premium

The paid version of Hedge includes the fastest transfer and verification engine available on OS X: Fast Lane Optimized for larger file sizes common when working with footage, it even outpaces Finder in certain cases. Our benchmarks show it is about 2.5x faster than Hedge Free, and users even report speed gains up to 5x.

Next to Fast Lane transfers Hedge Premium supports NAS and RAID systems, includes Transfer Logs, Media Hash List creation and more.

Hedge Free

Hedge Free is limited to two simultaneous transfers. All other transfers get queued automatically. After finishing 2 transfers, you are prompted and need to click a button to continue with the next 2 transfers.