How to install Hedge beta releases.

Alongside official releases, we release beta versions of Hedge. A beta generally includes one or two new features that are scheduled to be released in the next update.

The beta version is tested by the Hedge team before it’s released, so there is little risk in using it. However, we discourage using the beta release on set.

Downloading Beta versions

To install a beta, check "Install beta versions when they are available" in the Updates preference pane. Then check for updates. You'll be prompted to download the beta version. Betas are updated more often than regular releases.


Beta Settings Panel

Best of both worlds

You want to test the beta, but use the regular Hedge release for work. Just download a second Hedge, keep it in another location than the regular Hedge release and/or rename it to something like "Hedge Release" and "Hedge Beta".

Both versions of Hedge will share a license and settings. Be sure not to update the regular version when prompted.

Rolling back

Done testing the beta, and want to return to the regular release? Delete Hedge and download a fresh version at Your settings won't be trashed.

Want to roll back the settings too?

  • Quit Hedge
  • Open the Terminal
  • Enter "defaults delete nl.syncfactory.Hedge.Mac" (without the quotes)
  • Hit return, and close the Terminal

This will restore all Hedge settings, as if you have never used it before on your Mac.

Version numbers

Not sure whether you have a regular or a beta release on your system? Check your version number in the About Hedge window. Regular releases have a x.y format, where betas have a x.y.zβ format (e.g. 1.2 and 1.2.3β). Also, we have a nice red β-ribbon in the top right corner of the app!