How can I speed up slow transfers?

Do your transfers take longer than expected? There are several things you can do to speed them up:

  • Buy Hedge Premium. Its Fast Lane transfers are at least twice as fast as the free version, and up to par with Finder.
  • Don't use USB2 or FireWire disks.
  • Use powered disks, they're about 37% faster than mobile disks.
  • Use powered hubs
  • Don't use the same hub for Sources and Destinations. Separating them is about 4 times faster.
  • Fully filled disks are slower than empty disks. Swap them more often.
  • Your disks might be faulty. Check their read/write speeds.
Verification takes time

We verify every copy, and this can take up to two or even three times longer than the actual copy. Hedge Premium has new copy technology on board, so even with verification a transfer is still done in about the same time Finder will take.

Disk speeds reported by tools like Blackmagic's Disk Speed Test are helpful in checking for hardware bottlenecks in your setup, but cannot take verification into account. Backup software that does verification will never be able to reach the speeds you get with these test tools.

The estimated time is off

Depending on your hardware setup, and if you use your Mac for other things while transferring with Hedge, the estimate can be off. The longer the transfer is running, the more accurate it becomes.

These are the stats of our ETA algorithm:

  • 71% of the transfers finishes earlier than estimated
  • 50% of those finish more than twice as fast
  • 62% of the latecomers do so within 20% of the initial estimate
  • only 3% takes more than twice as long as expected.

We work hard on improving the algorithm, but it’s always going to be a ball-park-estimate.

Send us feedback

If you’re experiencing slow transfers or if the time estimates are way off, please tell us! We totally appreciate it if you can help us improve the time estimate calculations. Want to help? Here’s how:

  • Finish your transfers, don't cancel them!
  • Open the Script Log, and copy all its contents (⌘-A, ⌘-C)
  • Choose "Send Feedback..." from the Help menu
  • Paste the Script Log (⌘-V) and fill in your details
  • Please don't uncheck "Send anonymous system profile", we need it!

We'll be in touch shortly to help you out.