Hedge says "Not enough free space" but my disk is empty?

OS X unfortunately has quite a loose definition of "free" space: the Finder, Disk Utility and the new Storage pane in About This Mac can all report different values for local, RAID and NAS drives.

Most of the time, the culprit is either a filled Trash folder, or rogue Time Machine snapshots.

Time Machine snapshots

If you use a Time Machine disk but haven't connected it for a while, OS X stores its backups on your hard disk as MobileBackups. This can cause your hard disk to fill up pretty quick. It's possible to prevent this from happening by disabling MobileBackups altogether. Read more about here: How to free up space used by Time Machine's local backups


All disks have their own (hidden) Trash folder, and there are probably files left in there taking up space. Try emptying the Trash on your Mac. This empties the Trash on every connected disk, not just Macintosh HD. Conversely if you’re looking for missing footage on a disk, it might be located in the Trash! In that case DON'T EMPTY YOUR TRASH, but check the Trash on your Mac to recover your files.

Still can't find it? Let's make the invisible Trashes folder visible to drag your footage out of it:

  • open Terminal
  • enter defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES and hit return
  • enter killall Finder and hit return
  • open Finder and go to a folder named .Trashes on your external disk
  • drag your missing footage out of this folder

Done? Let's hide all that again:

  • open Terminal (if not still open)
  • enter defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles NO and hit return
  • enter killall Finder and hit return

Network & RAID Drives

If transfers to Network Drives suddenly fail, with Hedge reporting "Some files couldn't be copied", there's a discrepancy between the reported free space, and actual usage. Some Thunderbolt RAID disks also behave this way, without being an actual network drive.

If you experience these issues, please report the brand and model to us: hello@hedgeformac.com